Top 5 Dental Care Tips for Children by George Pegios

Top 5 Dental Care Tips for Children by George Pegios

No cosmetic make-up can replace the beauty of a smile but to keep it healthy one need to maintain a constant dental care regime which must have quality brushing and flossing techniques. When it comes to maintain oral hygiene one must start it from early childhood so that your teeth can be with you for later ages. George pegios is here with easy to carry out tips that would contribute their share to maintain sparklingly white teeth.

1. Brush Two Times a Day

It might be most obvious dental care tip that one must to carry out on regular basis. Make sure your child brush his/her teeth two times a day by following an appropriate brushing method.

Note: Do not forget to guide them to brush their gum and teeth.

At the younger age before 6-8 your child are not able  to brush by their own being a parent you need to take this responsibility for them.

2. Replace Toothbrush After Every 3 Month

The health of teeth depends on the effectiveness of your toothbrush. Most of the dentists recommend replacing toothbrush after every 3 month. The use of the same toothbrush for longer period of time gives chances to the bacteria to your teeth and gums to decay in severe cases it can develop oral cancer, bad breath, cavities and gum diseases. George suggests keeping in mind to replace your child’s toothbrush after every 3 month and go ahead with tooth brushes having soft bristles.

3. Floss Regularly

There is a queue of people who skip out on flossing but expert dentists suggest it mandatory to keep up hygiene of your mouth up to the mark. There is thousands of flossing techniques available, you can make a pick to the one which suits your child appropriately and is easy to carry out by them.

4. Give a Try to Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a dental treatment that plays a part in tooth decay prevention in your child’s permanent teeth. Permanent teeth have fissures that give a place to food to get stuck in and at last results in plaque build-up which cause tooth decay. To prevent this from happening dentists suggests covering these spaces and groves through dental sealants. This application is quick and seamless and would have long-term benefits.

5. Avoid Sticky, Sugary and Starchy Food

Extra sugary and starchy food easily gets stuck on the teeth and becomes a source for bacteria which converts sugar into acids and cause cavities. Try to limit sugar and starch intake of your child to keep their teeth in firm condition.

There are thousands ways through which parents can help their child’s teeth in good working condition it could be from encouraging them to brush and floss properly and promoting other healthy habits in them, if you want to save your child from tooth decay and other severe dental issues. To know about more advanced dental treatments like dental implants feel free to contact George Pegios.

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